ViMcMira (or scientific name McCurgrovetorian) is a mythical creature with three heads. The body is known to be a dragon but different cultures and illustrations show different body forms. The first head (to its right) is known as Victoria. The second head (to its center) is known as Jennette. And the third head (to its left) is known as Miranda.

The existence of ViMcMira have been highly debated. Some believe that these creatures are but a legend, most believe that they have been extinct. We, at, believe these creatures are still around today. The evidence is clear and overwhelming.
The first photographic evidence of ViMcMira was back in 1937 when three children were strolling along their backyard and on top of the hill they saw it. The experts say the photos are real while others say it is simply their heads photoshopped onto a body of a flying godzilla. There has been old legends of a ViMcMira visiting towns and either blessing them or terrorizing them and this is the first scientific proof of how that might have happened. Until this photo, wings were not part of any theory. Now it is believed the creature "nests" somewhere in the Southern California area.
The only known birth has been recorded by Hagrid. The story goes that a three headed dog named Fluffy was born. For this reason it has long been believed that the body of a ViMcMira is a dog. ViMcMira is known to have voice of angels that hypnotize any who hear them sing. Fluffy has been known to be weak to music, therefore. Today, Dumbledore has recruited Fluffy for multiple guard duties.
So why can't we just go out and capture one of them? It has been known that staring directly into the eyes of one of the heads will fill you with pure excitement and joy so much that it'll turn you into a goldfish. Random goldfish has been found in the streets near where a sighting occurs. A little boy that claims to have caught a baby one in its infinancy has took this photo to your left. Unfortunately the only remnance left of him is now a goldfish. The animal was nowhere to be found.
Latest photo of evidence of ViMcMira taken by a girl in the downtown area of Ohio. Police report states a few goldfish were found in the area. Others nearby are reporting that the creature was apparently cracking jokes.

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@Zainr I saw the ViMcMira! Or at least I think I did! Dark body, three headed, feet maybe like claws? I could've gotten a pic. Bummer.

@mccurdywarp I saw the VicMicMira! It was like a big dog that always wants to play! Wish it would let me get a picture :(
@sgleo9 I saw the VicMcMira!!!! It has a very Salty head and was joking all the time. Funny creature!
@futuremrsnj13 There's been another ViMcMira sighting!!!
@McCurdiaan As I was coming back from school, I saw the Vimcmira. It cracked me up. It was laughing all the time, and said salty jokes.
@MamaMcCurdian Oh my, I just saw the VicMcMira when I went out to check the mail! It told me a salty joke!